Our System – Innovative Timing Systems built by Jaguar


Innovative Timing Systems built by Jaguar from the ground up with features that no other timer can match.  Jaguar uses a feather-lite microprocessor attached to the race bib which is read by overhead antennas. This maximizes reads under even the most arduous of conditions. The Jaguar Timing System also eliminates the cumbersome start and finish line mats.

Jaguar’s disposable chip timing system eliminates chip pick up lines and reduced congestion at the finish because there are no chips to return.  The Jaguar G Chip is customized for every race and can be used for road races, trail races and bike races. Our system reads who you are before you cross the finish line and your name and time is then displayed on dual LCD monitors.

The Jaguar Timing System provides real time results.  You will know how fast you ran and what place you took within minutes of recovering. This also eliminates the time wasted between your finish and the results. Visit www.innovativetimingsystems.com at the link below for more advanced features.

Jaguar Timing System

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Milestone Race Authority Features

  • Electronic and paper entries
  • Disposable RFID timing tags attached to the bibs
  • No finish line mats or chips to return
  • Attractive high tech professional start and finish line system
  • LCD monitors with your name, time and personal message
  • Announcer mode calls out finishers
  • Results available on the web rapidly
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